Friday, October 31, 2008

Israel Film Festival, or a guest post from CK

My friend CK is one of the most witty, smart, down-to-earth, people I know. Her e-mails and our Facebook conversations crack me up. I keep telling her to start blogging and I believe she's thinking about it. If she ever does, I won't even know because she'll probably go anonymous.

CK attended the opening night of the Israel Film Festival in New York City this week. Here are her thoughts:

Last night S and I went to Opening Night of the Israel Film Festival. It was in a movie theater on 54th street. S arrived before me to get the tix at the box office, so my first thrill was S pointing to the bouncer so I could cross the metal barriers, cut the line, and enter. (Velvet ropes would have been more dramatic, but metal barriers are so NY!)

The lobby was very small, so the paparazzi was crushed against a wall to the side of the red carpet. Let’s just say that noone made a move to position their cameras when we walked the red carpet. Up the escalator to the second floor. More paparazzi and a very crowded little lobby with some refreshments (Dietary law observed.) Sushi (which I couldn’t get near), cheese and chumus (served right out of their Sabra containers. Tacky.) And some wine and alcohol which I later learned was Limoncello in honor of Danny Devito. I spotted Chaim Saban (media mogul behind Power Rangers), and Ron Eliran who is 150 years old…

Inside the theater, we looked for seats sort of up close, but not too close to the screen because I forgot my glasses and realized there would be subtitles. We almost sat in seats clearly marked “RESERVED FOR MR. DEVITO,” but just moved right across the aisle. When the A listers arrived, it was annoying because people were crowding around my seat to meet them, get photos, etc. I grumbled that I am never going to a premiere again. People are so rude. I prefer a private screening.

Big names were receiving awards. First a little video about Ed Zwick received an award. They focused on his movies, but really he was the genius behind great tv shows like My so called life and thirtysomething. (And by the way, he produced my favorite Brad Pitt movie). Liev Schreiber presented the award. sigh. No Naomi Watts though. (Schreiber stars in Zwick’s upcoming movie , Defiance, about resistance fighters in the Holocaust.

Then Mort Zuckerman (188th wealthiest man in America, according to Forbes) gave an award to Academy Award winning producer Irwin Winkler.

The film clip started with a scene from Rocky, and included brief clips from his many, many movies set to the theme from Rocky.

Danny Devito sat across the aisle from me munching on popcorn next to wife Rhea Pearlman with their kids, I believe. Michael Douglas, his old friend from when they were roommates in the 60s presented his award. They showed a clip with many, many of his movies, including The War of The Roses which starred MD. Alas, no Catherine Zeta Jones, but truthfully, I was relieved, since I was so worried that she and I might show up wearing the same outfit and I didn’t want to be subjected to a “Who Wore It Better” poll in Us weekly or Life and Style.. Michael D. looked good. He said that he loves a country that's younger than him, and S said “He’s over 60???” Yep. And I don’t believe that Catherine Zeta Jones is 39. But that’s another story. Danny D. was very funny and told a story about a bull’s testicles. Don’t ask.

After that, the lights went down and all the A listers exited the theater. Directors and actors from the festival’s featured movies were introduced. Turns out the cute guy sitting in front of me was the star of the movie!

The movie we saw was Lost Islands. It was the highest grossing Israeli box office movie this year. And winner of 4 israeli Academy awards including the cutie sitting in front of me. And let me just say, that he seemed so delighted with himself on screen. Good for him.

The movie itself was wonderful. I loved it, partly because it’s set in Israel in the 80s which is when I spent a year in Israel on Bnei akiva’s Hachshara. It was funny and touching, just as I like my movies.

When the movie ended, I asked S if we were going to the reception, a block away. He said “Are you kidding? Now I’m no fool.I hear that Jake Gyllenhall broke up with Kirsten Dunst because she always wanted to go out and party, and he wanted to be a quiet homebody. So home we trudged. And I was really looking forward to Limoncello shots…

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For more see this.

Thanks, CK. You can post here any time you like. (And don't you all think she should start blogging?)


Leora said...

Hello, CK, friend of Baila.

The New York Israeli Film Festival is showed almost totally different films than the Israeli films being screened here in New Jersey at the Rutgers New Jersey Jewish Film Festival. The only one that's the same is Galilee Eskimos. My husband and I have tickets to see The Champagne Spy.

Sounds like you had fun, especially the celebrity watching part.

Anonymous said...

go ck!!!! i hear the cute guy in front of you wants your number. You should definetly Blog then i would never be off the computer.

Baila said...

...except sz, you wouldn't KNOW CK was blogging because she plans on being anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your votes of confidence... Alas, for now I'm not going to take the plunge. Anonymous or otherwise. Although if you see a Jewish Love Goddess blog online... it could be me. You never know.