Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now this makes me a little nervous...

Over at the Jerusalem Post, this is what's being reported:

Rafael gets rabbinic ok to work on Iron Dome on Shabbat

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has received special rabbinic permission to work on Shabbat on the Iron Dome anti-Kassam missile defense system, defense officials said Monday.

The rare rabbinic approval was granted following a Defense Ministry request that Rafael speed up its work on the development of the system.

Last February, then-defense minister Amir Peretz chose Rafael's Iron Dome system as Israel's anti-Katyusha and Kassam rocket defense system...

The plan is for this "Iron Dome" to be able to intercept katyusha and kassam rockets. The Dome is supposed to be ready by 2010 at a cost of $300 million dollars.

The article doesn't specify which Rabbi(s?)gave the approval, but it's pretty clear that lives are at stake, and time is of the essence. I guess this heter (permission) is related to the issue of pikuach nefesh (one is allowed certain transgressions in order to save a life).

I'm sure the residents of Sderot are relieved to hear that help is on the way; but do you think there is maybe a more PROACTIVE solution??

Ya think???

You can read the entire article (really not so fascinating, I've already given you the highlights) here.

Another article in the Post tells us that there is a record number of women in the Israel Air Force pilot's course. Yup, the females are top gunnin' with the big boys.

And I think that's great.

A few more housekeeping items:

I'm adding a new blogger to my blogroll. Leora is a very talented jack-of-all-trades who writes about life in Highland Park, New Jersey. I really relate to her and her blog, and she occasionally posts her artwork which is beautiful. Go read it, you won't be sorry.

Finally, check out the latest edition of Haveil Havalim over at FrumeSarah. And by the way, Jack, who is doing an admirable job of organizing the carnival really needs a hand. If any of you can host, please contact him at talktojacknow@sbcglobal.net.

Can't think of a witty parting shot--so, g'nite.


Jack Steiner said...

Thanks. I appreciate the shout out.

Leora said...

Baila, I can never tell Israelis what to do about defense. But in general, defense is a good idea. Please let your government know that waiting until 2010 for defense is a bit long.

Thanks for the endorsement! And the link. So glad you like my posts. I like hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Hoe about a giant trampoline that will sent the rockets right back at them.