Sunday, April 13, 2008

Liat and I spent our day doing this:

and this:

I don't think I've ever cleaned my own oven (I always had a self-clean oven and/or a housekeeper). I feel very accomplished. And let's give credit where it's due--Liat's contribution was huge.

Tali and Orli are on a "Masaa Bnei Akiva" until tomorrow night. They will hike for miles in the blazing sun, pee in the woods and sleep in their sleeping bags under the stars. They will have a great time (did I mention peeing in the great outdoors?) and come home really tired and cranky.

Okay, Liat and I are off to shop.



mother in israel said...


Baila said...


Is that "wow" as in "you are an amazing, accomplished Jewess doing every thing you can to prepare for this great holiday"?,

or "wow", as in, "big deal most people already have their table set for the seder"?

Either way, thanks! :D

mother in israel said...

Most absolutely the former. Especially after your comment about how I do so much etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

. . .tired, cranky, sun-burned and covered in mosquito bites is pretty much how I expect to get my kids back, nevermind that I sent them with sunscreen and bug spray!

Have a Chag Sameach!

BTW, Supersol Deal has delicious Braiburn apples and they were only about 8 shekel a kilo.

SuperRaizy said...

Wow, as in very impressive, shiny squeaky clean, great job, kudos!!!

Jack Steiner said...

Oy, just looking wears me out.

Anonymous said...

but i thought pesach doesn't start until next week?
Gordon said his mothers house
What and were do you plan to eat this week? I guess there is always the mirpeset.
I always knew you could do it Baila.

Anonymous said...

sorry it got cut off, Gordon said his house was always pesadick for two weeks

Baila said...

Darn! I didn't think of bug spray! But I did send them with 2 rolls of TP.

My oven is so clean, I don't ever want to cook in/on it ever again.

You have no idea. But the worst part of cleaning is over...

It's every man for himself this week. Ask Isaac....