Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Rabbi Visits Iran

You think the neturei karta are the only ones who want to be Ahmadnejad's friend?

Guess again.

According to today's Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is going to co-lead a delegation of 21 peace activists to Iran.

I feel so much better now. Peace with Iran is almost at hand. What a relief.

The good rabbi wants "to humanize the face of Iran, lest we end up with a disaster of global proportions we cannot imagine".

She believes that we should negotiate and talk with Iran not threaten to obliterate them, which apparently Hillary Clinton did while stumping for votes. The article goes on to say:

What about the threat to Israel? "I don't think Iran is going to attack Israel; I think it's a chimera. Iran has never initiated a war. And the fact that Israel has never signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and that it has nuclear weapons, is one of the reasons Iran wants nuclear weapons. Israel has already bombed Iraq and Syria. It is not [unreasonable] for Iran to think it will also be a target. Maybe we should be pressuring everybody to sign the NPT. We should be [backing] the forces of peace, not the forces advocating war."

Iran thinks it will also be a target? Are they afraid? Yes, Israel has bombed Iraq and Syria, but she's omitting the little fact that it was their NUCLEAR REACTORS that were bombed. Now these countries are less of a threat, at least until they get another reactor up and running. Less of a threat to us and to the entire region, maybe even the world. A strong Israel benefits everyone.

Rabbi Gottlieb joins the ranks of Jimmy Carter, and that rabbi-guy from Neturei Karta. Appeasers. The people they visit probably laugh their heads off as the door closes behind them.

Gottlieb insist she's not naive. After all she is a student of history. And she's doing this for her children and grandchildren.

What about MY children and grandchildren???

I don't think she's helping them.


frumskeptic said...

Well there you go, extremists on the right are equally as messed up as extremists on the left.

The female rabbi thing gave away that she must be the typical lefty, whose mind is so wide open her own brain is about to fall out.

Baila said...

Wow. Noone's ever called me an extremist before....I need to mull that one over.

I do think this woman is wasting her time, and maybe even making a bad situation worse. That's all.

frumskeptic said...


I wasnt calling you an extremist!!
Sorry...meant the crazy Rabbi Lady!

frumskeptic said...

I meant to say that the Neturei Karta are the extremists on the right (religiosly), and this rabbi was the extremist on the left -also religiously!

I'm sorry.

I happen to agree with yOU!

Baila said...


Thanks, I feel much better now! (Really).

Keep visiting!

JJ said...

Stupid, naive woman (the rabbi, not you!). I don't think it's possible to "humanize" Ahmenutjob's simian mug.

I'm constantly amazed at the stupidity of liberal Leftist Jews like this woman. Student of history? She's obviously learned nothing from history.

The Comic Torah said...

Since Israel's nukes have clearly not brought her security and the Soviet Union's 2500 nukes couldn't even keep that country in existence, in a completely de-nuked middle east worth considering?

Anonymous said...

I live in a Xtian majority country and, in general, my political and social views would fit in with what one could consider 'left' (if only in contrast to what I hear from the right). My only divergance from the left, is that the left here in the antipodes is VERY anti Israel. They have been sucked in by the 'so called' Indy/activist media which naively post video docos about the Israel/Plstne situation which have been made by Islamist or Jew hating Arab students who have been given scholarships to study here. Whilst studying here these Arab students have noticed our own (mostly peaceful)indiginous land rights activists and seen an excellent way to twist their own history into making themselves identifiable with these legit land rights activists here, And in their university age gullibility; our activists swallow the Arab narrative whole, without checking their facts. I recently discussed this with a Lib-Congregation Rabbi who lives here who had noticed the same thing. I would accuse this Iranian bound Rabbi of the same brainwashing. Except in her case, as a Jew, she should damn well know better!! It is just this type of naivety that compromises the safety of Jews everywhere, and in particular in Israel! The Iranians must have to pinch themselves that they/re not dreaming with such good fortune to potentially divide and undermine Israeli society. What can one do? *sigh*