Monday, April 28, 2008

About the last post...

If you didn't read the comment section of the last post, I'll just let you know that I started a post not intending to publish it, but then did. I was so tired that I inadvertently hit the wrong button.

I had been talking about food shortages, when my husband Isaac gave me additional inspiration. You see, here in Israel, there is always talk about water shortages. This year in particular has been very dry and the water level, which is measured at the Sea of Galilee, more commonly known as the Kinneret, is at dangerously low levels.

Anyhoo, Liat was finishing washing her breakfast dishes, when she walked away from the sink, leaving the water running. She just forgot to turn the faucet off. This caused Isaac to passionately exclaim, "Liat, the Kinneret!!!!"

Okay, maybe not so funny to all of you, but imagine it with a Venezuelan accent and an extremely serious tone of voice. Now that is funny. "The Kinneret" has now become the household catch-phrase for the excess usage of water.

But of course, we all know what Isaac is really concerned about: the water bill.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee. Some things never change.
I remember visiting Israel 25 years ago and washing the dishes like an American. My aunt sniffed at me and said "perhaps your father owns the water company but my husband sure doesn't". To this day I wash dishes like an Israeli.


Batya said...

I've been carefully turning off the water between dishes since we made aliya in 1970. Nowadays very few people are careful. Actually, I posted about the water shortage with a view of our local pool.

Baila said...

I think conserving water is a good thing to do regardless of where you live.