Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey, Dimona

By now you've all heard about the pigua (terror attack) in Dimona. One women was murdered, and many others were injured. Apparently two suicide bombers entered the mall on a beautiful spring-like day when many citizens were out and about. More devastation was prevented by highly trained Kobi Mor, who shot a second terrorist in the head as he was reportedly reaching for the detonating device.

Mor, commander of special anti-smuggling unit Magen, which operates on the Egyptian border, said he heard about the attack on his police radio. "I did a U-turn and went straight for Dimona", he told reporters. "When I arrived at the scene I was told that there was a terrorist with an explosive belt that was still alive. I fired four shots at him and thought I'd killed him, but then I saw him lifting his hand again".

"I came out from my cover, about 15 meters away, and shot him in the head.", Supt. Mor said.

Policeman Kobi Mor moments before shooting the second suicide bomber on Monday. (From

The border between Egypt and Gaza has been breached, and it was originally assumed that the terrorist came from Egypt. I just saw some updated reports that they may have come from the Hebron area. Either way its pretty scary.

Al Aksa has claimed responsibility for the attack. For those of you who can't keep track of the terrorists they are a part of Fatah, our current peace partners.

This is the first attack since January, 2007, and the first time the Negev city of Dimona has been hit. Dimona is a remote town, but if terrorists can get over there, there is no reason to believe they can't get anywhere else in this country.

And let's not forget there is something very special in the Dimona area: Israel's nuclear reactor.

G-d Have Mercy.


Baila said...

Well, thank you. The sentiment is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how they got into the mall? There is always security outside every mall I've been to.