Sunday, February 10, 2008

Haveil Havalim: Edition 153

Welcome to the 153rd edition of Haval Haveilim,the Jewish/Israel blog carnival. Jack has assured me that there is no need to be clever, so I won't even bother trying.

It was a busy week. First we had Super Sunday, and wishes came true for the New York Giants (and for Jack.) Then came Super Tuesday where Hillary and Obama battled it out for the democrats and McCain and what's-their-names fought for the Republican spot.

Sandwiched in between, of course, was the first terror attack Israel has seen in a year (not that there haven't been many attempts) in the Negev town of Dimona. Treppenwitz is filled with melancholy as he and his colleagues react to news of Dimona in And so it begins again. Robert J. Avrech knows there is no such thing as Moderate Terrorists posted at Seraphic Secret. Yitzchak Goodman demonstrates the irony of BBC pronounces suicide attacks on Israel "rare" posted at Judeopundit. Finally, Gila undoubtedly knows what she is talking about as she posts about the attack.


Sammy Benoit tells us why he thinks the WINOGRAD REPORT IS A SHAM posted at YID With LID. He also feels Olmert: you will never wipe off that yellow stain.

Yael tells us about the unique way an Israeli art therapist is helping the children of Sderot deal with their fears.

Mottel reports on the final leg of his birthright (Israel) trip in Mottel in the Holy VI -Zion to Enlighten Me posted at Letters of Thought. There are some beautiful pictures--note how he ended the post.

The Big Falafel tell us about the top six bargains in Israel.

Soccer Dad remembers the Kiddush Hashem Ilan Ramon made on the anniversary of Israel's first and only astronaut's death on the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

LEL presents We Should Oppose Kosovo Independence posted at Fiery Spirited Zionist.

Baka Diary gets frustrated with Lines in the Holy Land.

Batya tells us about her very special Beit Knesset in Tabernacle Building posted at Shiloh Musings.

Ben-Yehudah presents Yo"Sh's New [Sham] Local Radio Station posted at Esser Agaroth. Rahel talks about another radio station at Is There a New Radio Station in Town? posted at Elms in the Yard.

Eric presents a discussion of the new Hamas economic independence plan, and why Israel should support it. (And why it won't work.) in The Hamas Economic Independence Plan... posted at The Israel Situation.

Gila describes the after effects of being in a suicide bombing in her conversation with her Hadassah opthamologist.


Frume Sarah encourages everyone to Rock the Vote.

Robert J. Avrech has an interesting lunch date in Hollywood Kool-Aid posted at Seraphic Secret.

Dov Bear doesn't feel sorry for Mitt Romney at all.


Katrina talks about what her Judaism means to her in Conservadoxy and its Discontents posted at Conservadox & Single.

Mother in israel must have worked for hours translating an article from Hebrew about a Rabanit in Ramat Beit Shemesh and her followers. She presents A Mother in Israel: hyper-tzniut posted at A Mother in Israel. This is a fascinating read; this link takes you to the entire series about a disturbing new trend in Israel.

Mottel presents Our Rebbe may be the Messiah, but Eli Soble who are you? posted at Letters of Thought.

A Simple Jew acknowledges Who really runs the show at Guest Posting By A Man At The Bus Stop - My Neighborhood posted at A Simple Jew.

Shira Salamone questions if anyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to minhagim/traditions in No opinion posted at ON THE FRINGE—AL TZITZIT.

Frumhouse wonders about the Ayin Horah Ladies posted at Little Frumhouse on the Prairie.

Elms in the Yard comments on an unusual piece of history at her workplace. Read about it at Irony behind Glass.


Carl in Jerusalem talks about the rampant anti-semitism one can find on the 'net (without looking to hard) in The Jawa Report: New Video - "The Path To The Final Solution" posted at The Jawa Report.


Leora Wenger presents Mastering Alef posted at Here in HP. She writes that she couldn't find a specific category for language or Hebrew. I refer her to the Hebrew Language Detective who gives us the origin of the word diwan.


Bad for Shidduchim goes out for some date watching.

Frum Satire wonders about tipping.

Come Running presents What Women Deserve posted at These Dreams of Who????.

Jack wants to know what your favorite romantic movie of all time is at Top 10 Romantic Movie Moments posted at Random thoughts- Do they have meaning?.


Aidel Maidel becomes creative and makes pizza with her kids.

Over at Psychotoddler, you can watch the PT as he DOESN'T AGE for his kid's Siddur plays. Then you can see what living in the middle of America is like in the winter. PT, don't feel bad about enjoying your snow day!

Batya presents Siyata D'Shmaya and Lunch Bargain posted at me-ander. She also shows us her challah braiding technique in "Chanukat Ha-Kitchen".

Rabbi Cause davka gives us his opinion in The Dreaded Davkanik posted at Rabbi without a cause.

Barbara presents EXODUS & THE AFTERMATH OF PERSONAL TRAUMA posted at BARBARA'S TCHATZKAHS. She also tackles another difficult subject in Let Them Talk: The Mitzvah to Speak Lashon Hara.

Orthonomics cautions against financial infidelity.


Batya presents Blogging a Carnival posted at me-ander. As a first-time host[ess], her tips were invaluable. I know that Jack is always on the hunt for volunteers to host HH. It's not difficult, but it does take time. If you have the time, do it. It's fun and you'll learn alot--and shouldn't we all share this, since we all benefit from it?

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using the carnival submission form Past posts and future hosts can be found on blog carnival index page.

Have a Shavua Tov--a great week!

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You did a great job! Thanks for putting this all together.

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Haveil Havalim #153 Is Up!

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Thanks for the links, and the compliments. I age in epochs. I expect the next one will occur with the birth of a grandchild.