Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter finally arrives...and other news...

Ah, well, we need the rain. Just when I thought my winter coat would stay boxed forever, it started. Until Tu B'shvat, (the holiday celebrating the trees) it's been positively balmy. Since then it's been raining on and off. But today we are seeing the worst of it. It has been steadily raining and over the past few hours it has been a downpour. And now I spotted this in my backyard:

Nope, not snow. But hail. Noisy hail, and lots of it.

But in Jerusalem the snowflakes have started to fall. That's all anyone has been talking about. It's been on talk radio--the predictions, the preparation, the general excitement. Isaac is working from home tomorrow (I'm glad--those roads to Maale Adumim, where he works are not great).

The other big news is the Winograd Report, coming out tomorrow. This is the committee investigating the war in Lebanon last summer--why it failed and who was responsible. You'd think Olmert would be nervous, but he's not. He's not planning on quitting or anything. Why would he take any responsibility anyway? He didn't actually fight the war...and now he's working so hard with our enemies, I mean partners to ensure an everlasting peace.

Sigh. Now that I'm starting to understand the news over here, I'm thinking I was better off not knowing what was going on.

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