Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some thoughts on my trip back to the old country

When I got off the plane at at Newark Airport in New Jersey, I thought to myself, "whoa, the air conditioning is really strong here", only to realize that I was outdoors, and that cool, crisp feeling was in fact, the weather. As Mazi and I chattered in the car on the way to her house, I could not help but notice the fall foliage the Northeastern USA is known for. The trees were beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red; it was spectacular scenery to start my trip with.

The old country is indeed beautiful.

It was a great trip. I spent quality time with my mother and siblings, watched my nephews run the whole tefilah (prayer service) for their bar-mitzvah and bonded with my niece over some shopping at Macy*s. I shopped Target, Walmart, Nike, Joyce Leslie, Kohl's, Macy*s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco,and Art Brown (for the beloved pen afficionado in my life). I saw my Venezuelan nephew and spent a day traipsing all over Manhattan. I laughed with old friends, my "people", picking up right where we left off three years ago. I ate at restaurants, walked, walked and walked more. I bumped into Ben the mailman, who not only remembered my name, but my girl's names as well.

By Wednesday, I started to think about returning home. Home to where my children were. Home to Isaac.

By Thursday, I was sick of shopping.

By Sunday, I was counting down the hours to get on that plane.

I think that ultimately you can go home again. At least for a brief time. I love that place and it will always be the home of my past, the home I was born in, the home that helped shape the person I am today.

But now I live in a place that I chose. And you know what?

It's good to be home.

(Special thanks to Mazi and Sarah who insisted I make myself comfortable in their beautiful homes. Which I totally did, and is partially the reason I gained two pounds on this trip).


Anonymous said...

I am glad you were happy to e there and are now happy where you are.

SuperRaizy said...

I'm glad you had a good time in NY, but it's really true that home is where the heart is.
Whenever I've returned to NY from traveling anywhere, the first thing that I've always noticed has also been the beautiful trees that we have here.
and I love that you included a picture of your mailman!

Anonymous said...

you didn't mention a word about all your fans who: jumped out of her cars at stop signs (okay, so she was also waiting for the train to go by); had her driver pull over so she could get out of the car to catch you as you came down the block; who pretty much 'dumped' her sister and niece on the sidewalk and shooed them off to their car so she could catch up with you, etc, etc, etc........

rutimizrachi said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful trip. Mazal tov to the nephews and the mishpacha! It's amazing how that shopping-bonding experience will last in your niece's memory to add to the connection between you. Fun to see them growing up, yes?

And it's good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing and spending time with you! Hope to see you soon on your home turf.