Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family meeting, Part II

I know all 5 of you have been waiting with bated breath to see what happened on no TV/computer day, but there really is not much to tell.

Were you expecting all peace, love, joy and harmony? Hours spent productively: doing homework, studying, cleaning rooms, helping mom put dinner together, engaging in stimulating conversation?

Not quite.

But I'll tell you this: At one point my kids were sitting at the table doing homework and talking to each other and laughing together. At another time, I caught a child reading a book. My biggest kid took a snooze on his Archie Bunker recliner. (We'll have to work on that one).

No, it was not all peace and love and joy and harmony, but you know what? It was quiet. It was relaxed, not rushed. It was bedtime at a decent hour for all of us. It was enjoyable. This was last Sunday, and in the following days, I was very firm about limiting the computer/TV time. And I found that it was a quiet, productive week for all of us.

We did have to do some tweaking with the schedule. Liat requested we move the day from Sunday, because she is still in touch with friends in America and that is the only day she can video-skype with them. So this week we're trying Monday--tomorrow. I am determined to see this through. I'll keep the five of you posted every now and then.

For those of you that wanted to know who said what in the last post, I've updated it. You can check it here.


Robin said...

I think it's great that you're doing this. I wonder how well it would go over in my family...

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OneTiredEma said...

My 6 yo got through a whole week without TV/computer last week (punishment), but I think it's easier when you're supposed to be in bed with a book at 7:15.

I would for sure watch less TV if I needed 10 hours of sleep :)

Baila said...


It won't go over well at all. But they'll come around; thing is you also have to do it for it to have any chance


But you DO need ten hours of sleep. You just forgot that and manage on way less.

SuperRaizy said...

But this is excellent! You've made a change in the atmosphere in your home and that is very positive.

Ilana said...

Kol Hakavod, that's great!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed. There are days that I want to take the TV and throw it out the window. I must say that at least this school year they have been compliant with the no TV until all homework is done rule, and since they have alot of HW and usually take forever to do it because some of them (Ariana) can't sit still to just finish it, there is not much time left for TV. (the girls are still young enough for an early curfew)

Gila Rose said...

As one of the 5, I have been eagerly awaiting this blog post. Phew. I can breathe again.

אנט פרידמן said...

Me too, thanks for the update (finally)! :-)

westbankmama said...

Baila - we installed software called "Watchdog". Everyone in the family gets a separate password, and the administrator (that's me) can decide how much computer time everyone gets, and when the computer can be used at all. (For example, even if my kids have time left over, they cannot use it after 11:00pm). I can adjust the time - naturally they get more time over the summer and on vacations than during the school year. The best part is that it is automatic; the computer gives them a warning with 10, 5, and 2 minutes left (so they can save games, etc.)and then when the time is up it just switches to the logon screen (so someone else can get on without having to boot up again).

I used to be the witch who yelled about getting off the computer - now I am asked, very nicely of course, to give them my time if they need it.

You can also restrict internet access (a white list of acceptable sites or no internet at all). My kids can't get onto the internet if I am not home, as they are completely restricted - but they can play computer games.

The only drawback is that they can still upload movies from friends using a disk-on-key.

I highly recommend it.