Monday, March 8, 2010

They bought the farm(ville)

I know people call it a time waster, the domain of couch potatoes and other derisive mongers, but I gotta tell you, I love Facebook. I know that I probably would not be in touch with many of my friends from different parts of my life if it weren't for Facebook. It's impossible to stay in touch with all the people that walk through the different doors of your life, but through Facebook I see what many people from my past and my present, are up to. I enjoy hearing that they are buying and selling houses, changing jobs, their children are getting married or their husbands came home from Iraq. I like that feeling of connection, of remembering that all of these people have impacted my life in ways big and small.

Still, I know that like blogging, Facebook can be addicting.

Last night I met my friends Marta and Pearl for dinner and as always when three intelligent, witty women who have known each other for years get together, the conversation was, well, intelligent, witty and I'll throw in stimulating, as well.

Most of it was anyway.

At one point we got to talking about addictions, both general and personal. We discussed whether our time on the computer keeps us from being functional in our parental and professional roles.

And then the two of them started talking about their farms. And this is where I lost them.

All of a sudden my two dear friends, city girls both, started talking about neighbors and barn-raising, about crops and gold nuggets and blue ribbons. They asked each other how many neigbors they have and what crops they were raising and what they were harvesting and selling. They talked about cows and pigs and chicken coops and compared notes on what levels they were on. Marta befriended a bunch of strangers on the Farmville Fan Page so she could have more neighbors. She chose what she described (her words, not mine) as "old, fat women, who are as pathetic as I am" to befriend in order to increase her chances of succeeding at the game. Her goal, she noted, was to reach Pearl's level. She also mentioned the merits of playing Farmville on her new 42 inch plasma TV screen, as opposed to a regular old computer screen.

And Isaac thinks I waste my time on the computer.

So what did I do after I heard this conversation? I did what any good friend would do: I introduced them to my other Farmville obsessed friend, Andrea, so the three of them can help each other out and raise barns together.

Which makes me a total enabler.

PS If any of you are crazy Farmville players and need friends, let me know, I'll be happy to make the introduction.

ImaBima has Haveil Havalim up at her site.


Anonymous said...

So far I have managed to keep away from FB's games, with a few exceptions. I have never started such long games but I have a feeling it is better this way.

Fern Chasida said...

not sure if i enjoyed this so much because:

A. i know the parties involved
B. i am addicted to facebook and also love how it lets me keep up with friends and family
C. despite B i've managed to escape the farmville addiction so i feel superior to those other addicts
D. all of the above

ps: happy early birthday

OneTiredEma said...

what Fern Chasida said except for A.

the games have no appeal to me. but i have a large chunk of FB friends who update regularly and we all comment on each others musings...

it's like blogging for me when i don't have time to blog.

Leah Goodman said...

I've been farming for a while, and it's starting to lose its appeal, thank G-d, b/c oh my goodness what a time waster!

Gila Rose said...

How is it that we are not FB friends??? I'm friending you right now.

Baila said...


It is better not to start. With my addictive personality I'll probably start planting marijuana in no time.


I think you hit it on the head when you said, "i've managed to escape the farmville addiction so i feel superior to those other addicts"...


I know, I love those statuses.


If you decide to continue I can round up a few more neighbors for you.


I don't know. Do you farmville?

Leora said...

I agree, it's better not to start. For a while, I was addicted to Zoo World. That got boring. Now I am addicted to Restaurant City. I let my daughter decorate, and I take care of practical matters like earning money and planting seeds. She has very definite ideas.

If you want a new addiction, this game encourages you to get on every four hours. And you lose credit because you can't log on on Shabbat. Talk about addiction.

Shavua tov.