Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The long walk

After the orgy of Purim sugar, where I may just have hit rock-bottom, I decided to take control. By this I mean, no sugar, as in no Mekupelets, kif-kafs, pesek zmans, nestle's crunch bars (I think I finished all of yours, Tammy) or mentos will cross my lips for the foreseeable future.

Not exactly the Atkins Diet, but its a start.

And I'm going back to the gym/pool. Because when Isaac tells me in May (when the membership expires) that there is no money in the budget for something we don't use, I'll be able to say we use it all the time.

Today I called Monty's mother, Ilana, and asked her if she wanted to go to the gym with me. Without hesitation she said yes, which made me throw up a little in my mouth.

She offered to drive and when we arrive at the gym, she takes out two bags which make it look like she's planning on sleeping at the gym for a few days.

"What's all that?" I ask.

She tells me that after her workout she likes to shower at the gym, thereby using their water and not her own (I keep telling you water is expensive in this country, don't I?)

Which means I will have to wait for her, since I didn't bring shower stuff or clothes to change into.

How long do you work out for?, I ask her.

"One hour", she glibly answers.

ONE HOUR? I will drop dead of a heart attack, I think to myself. When she asks if it's okay, I say "Sure, no problem", but I gotta tell you, I was worried.

Thankfully, I had my headphones. All the treadmills in the gym have their own individual TV's, with cable. That was the only way I was going to get through this hour. I started walking. So did Ilana. Then she started running. I tried to ignore that. I kept walking, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. After 45 minutes I slowed the thing down to a stroll. I was watching The Chamber with Chris O'Donnell and Gene Hackman and it was getting really good. Then Ilana says she's going to shower, so I told her I'd stay and watch more of the movie. I was still walking and watching when she came back. Unfortunately, it was a short shower so I didn't get to see the end, but I assume the guy dies.

I walked for a total of 78 minutes. That, combined with another chocolate and sugar-free day and I'm feelin' pretty darn good.

And next time I use the gym's water for my shower...

PS Happy birthday to NW. I wish I was celebrating with you!


Anonymous said...

that was so funny Baila!!!! I love this blog, sometimes i cry and sometimes i laugh. Thanks!!!


Commenter Abbi said...

Good for you Baila! Great post.

Mrs. S. said...

I hear you on giving up Mekupelets and Mentos. But no Kif-Kefs or Pesek Zmans?! That's just crazy talk... :-)

But, seriously, kol hakavod to you for taking control, and continued success!

Gila Rose said...

I view exercise solely as an excuse to watch TV. So I'm with you on that.

mother in israel said...

The comments here are just as funny. Well, at least she took a short shower.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Showering at the gym is a no-brainer.

Walking for 78 minutes is awesome! Good for you!

I wish I had someone to take me to the gym.

Anonymous said...

Well-done! I try to walk in the open but sometimes it i shard to find the incentive.