Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy birthday to moi

If your a blogger, you probably understand this:

You'll be driving somewhere, or sitting on a bus or train, or laying in bed, when all of a sudden an idea for a post comes to you. You start writing the post in your head, sometimes even finishing it.

The problem is, of course, when you sit down at your computer and try to access that information stuck in your brain.

I had a birthday today and I had a post stored up there somewhere in the gray matter that was both witty, yet bittersweet, poetic yet sensible.

But then our internet went down. As in, kaput, a problem with the line somewhere outside that not even Isaac could fix. And with the internet being down, that meant my American phone line was down.

And now I don't remember that great post that was in my head.

I do have to admit that the numbers are starting to feel big. For this I'm grateful, truly I am. I just wish I still had that young, dewy look.

Several years ago, while still in the US, my madrich (counselor) from my year in Israel happened to be in town and called to say hello. He asked how old I was and I said, "38-rapidly approaching middle age", to which he said, kindly, "Lots of people don't make it to 76; I'd say you're no longer approaching the middle age mark", thereby forcing me to remind him that he is ten years older than I am.

But he was right--now I'm in the throes of middle-age (my kids wouldn't agree, they just think I'm old). In some ways I really feel my age in terms of the life experiences I've had. In other ways, I still feel really young and vulnerable. I don't know enough about the world to be the age I am, you know?

It was a good day, quiet without the internet. Gave me time to think. In Israel, there is a very sweet tradition in which the birthday person gives out blessings to those around her.

My wish for all of you is that you, too, celebrate many, many happy birthdays with those you love...


SuperRaizy said...

What a nice post.
Happy Birthday to you! Don't sweat the middle age blues too much. As my father always said, "Getting older is not too bad- it's better than the alternative". (I'm thinking that he probably ripped that saying off from someone else, but whatever.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday BAila, missed not speaking to you. Hope the phone and internet are up and running again soon. I guess you got to remember what life was like without high speed everything. Anyway, your not really old.... I am. Many many more happy and healthy bithdays together with I. and the girls.
Big Hug!!!

Robin said...

Happy birthday to you, and many happy returns.

As someone who isn't much younger than you, I think we've still got years, decades, even, before we have to call ourselves middle aged. After all, 80 is the new 60, right? My dad turns 70 this summer, and he's still working as a (substitute) ski instructor, just for fun (and free skiing).

RivkA with a capital A said...

Baila -- Happy Birthday!!

The thing about forgetting posts happens to me ALL the time. So frustrating!!

I must say that I now appreciate birthdays more than I ever did. I am grateful for every birthday I have!

Raizy -- my father says the same thing!!

HSaboMilner said...

Belated Happy Birthday. It was mine on the 9th. Age is only a number.

re: losing the thread of what you wanted to post. I grab my blackberry and put key words in the calendar and set alarm on it to go off later, so that it reminds me when I am at home.

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday, sorry i missed it, eventhough i got a reminder in my email, you are not as old as nadine and i and look how fab we look!!!