Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanna meet Ozzy in person?

Guess who's hosting the next Blogger's event. Yup, I am! And I'm thrilled! I hope you all come. Here are the details:


What Do I Write About Next?

Generating Ideas to Keep Readers Coming Back

Time and Date: Sunday, February 7 at 8:00 PM

Speaker: Hannah Katsman, A Mother in Israel

Location: My house (Details and directions to be provided after registration)

Cost: NIS 20

Join us for an evening of networking and creative thinking. Through discussion and an exercise, Hannah will inspire you to find new ways to engage your readers and attract traffic and comments. For bloggers at all levels.

Hannah Katsman has been blogging at A Mother in Israel on parenting, Judaism and life in Israel since 2006. She recently launched Cooking Manager, a site to help home chefs save time and money in the kitchen.

Advance registration is required. Click here to register.

Ozzy's just as excited as I am.


OneTiredEma said...

Can I come early and scratch his head?

mother in israel said...

He won't jump on me, will he?

SuperRaizy said...

OMG that dog is beautiful. He looks a little bit like the dog that we had when I was a kid.
No fair that I can't come. How about a satelite hookup like they do on CNN?

Baila said...


Of course. But I'll miss our usual road trip.


Nah. He might snif you, though. (Don't worry, I'll keep him away from those that are uncomfortable with him.)


I wish you could come! And once CNN gets wind of this event, I'm sure they'll be here, ready to broadcast. Failing that, we can always skype.

mother in israel said...

Baila, sniffing I can handle.

rutimizrachi said...

Ozzy IS beautiful! If someone is coming from the Gush with room in their car, I'm in. Otherwise, night time busing adventures need to end too early to be worthwhile. In that case, I'll read all about it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

we miss you ozzy!!!! Give him a treat for us baila.

the wiesels