Monday, June 16, 2008

Ever notice how.....?

When one kid leaves the house for an extended period, the tone of the house changes?

Her presence is definitely missed. Sigh.

On the bright side, she had a very nice flight and I've already spoken to her four times today.

I love my "American line".


Leora said...

I've heard such nice things about Camp Simcha. Chai Lifeline in general is one of our favorite tzedakas. Sounds like the commenter on your last post was trying to assure you that your daughter is in good hands!

I'm going to miss my middle son in August when he goes to sleep-away camp for the first time. It was not my idea. It says in the camp's literature (Camp Stone) that you are not supposed to tell your kid how much you miss them. Well, I'm big bad mama then, because I tell him that every other day!

mother in israel said...

I have twice as many kids as you, but when one is gone the house seems much quieter. It's not just the one child, it's all the conversations s/he would have had with the others that are absent.

Baila said...


Of course you should tell him he'll be missed...sobbing uncontrollably at the bus stop may be ill-advised, however.


It's a totally different feeling to the household. How many children do you think one has to have so that they don't notice? :)

Anonymous said...

it is not the conversations that are different when one is gone, in my house it is the bickering and the fighting that stops. It also helps not to worry about homework, studying, projects, and after school programs.
Chai lifeline is also one of our favorite tzedakas. We have experienced it first hand with a few close friends whose children had cancer and thank g-d they are all doing well. We even had the zechut to visit Liat up at camp simcah last summer and saw the camp in action. What an amazing place! BTW how old is your son, my cousin's son is 13 from Toronto and will be at Stone.
Sorry Baila for taking up so much space

Leora said...

Chai Lifeline sent a friend's son and her husband to Israel for the first time a few months ago. Her son had cancer in his eye when he was a toddler. Thankfully, he seems to be fine now. But I know this family would not have been able to afford to go otherwise; it was a first trip for both father and son.

Sharon, my son is 11, going into 6th grade. (My homebody son is 13, but he isn't going to camp at all this summer--he'll keep me company).

JJ said...

I've got 3 kids, and when one of them goes away just for a shabbat to a cousin's house, the whole dynamic around here changes.

We've only done this a few times so far, but everyone seems to enjoy it- the kid going away has fun and gets to be a special guest, and the kids left at home get more attention from the horim!