Sunday, December 16, 2007

Survivor--Israeli Style

There has been much publicity about the Israeli "Survivor" which premiered tonight on Arutz 10. It is very much based on Mark Burnett's popular (or used to be, anyway) reality show. The girls and I watched it together tonight. They liked Survivor in America, and I figured it would be a fun thing to watch here, even though its in Hebrew. And it was fun. It was exactly like the American version--the music, the logo, the scheming; even the host sounded remarkably like his American counterpart (forgot his name).

What most struck me was the team that was going to tribal council (where a member of the tribe would be voted off). The council happened to be taking place on a Friday night. Before they left for the council, one of the members got up and said, "You know I am not religious, but every Friday night I have "kabalat Shabbat" with my family. I would like to do it here as well, and whoever wants to, can join me." With that said, he lifted up his canteen, and made a full kiddush over the water inside it, and then proceeded to make "Hamotzi" over the bread. Not only did this affect me, but it affected many members of the tribe as well. One of them said, "No matter which "tribe" I belong to on this show, we are all "yehudim", and we have our special traditions. I was proud to celebrate Shabbat with my fellow Jews".

I have no comment that can beat that.


Anonymous said...

just caught up on the last two posts (had a science project due tomorrow). Channukah sounds terrific. love the shoes. The video of the donuts was really cool. I am very impressed with the special effects. I'll be sure to bring loaves of frozen gefilte fish on my next visit.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Jeff Probst. That's the host of Survivor in America. And I'm embarrassed I know that.

Sounds like it's a really interesting show. Know anything else about it? Is there a site for the show, or is it available online? Will try to track it down through Arutz 10...

Baila said...


Don't be embarrassed. You wouldn't believe the drivel that occupies my brain. I probably have 10 years on you, which is why I didn't recall Probst's name immediately, and I was to lazy to make an effort to retreive it.

It's a fun show. I googled it and didn't find it on either the American or Israel googles. It's on in Israel on Saturday nights on 9:00. (Now THAT'S easy to remember, many shows start here at weird times like 8:22--but they call that 20:22)

I hope you find it, and enjoy.

BTW--I've read and enjoyed your blog as well as your column in the JW.

RaggedyMom said...

That's very sweet and heartwarming! Back in the 1980's I think there were something like 2 television channels. Enjoy!

Lion of Zion said...

nice story

Baila said...

thanks raggedy and lion!