Saturday, October 6, 2007


Okay, so I have 2 sets of pictures--of the apartment pre and post-lift, and some of our Sukkot trips (which were limited due to the lift coming). I'll start with the apartment:

This is our communications center, the hub of the apartment. It's where we have our American line, our Israeli line, and our computers. It's where most of this blog is written, and where many, many arguments take place vis-a-vis whose turn it is to get on the computer, or use the American line.

This is our kitchen, where all those delicious meals are planned and prepared so lovingly for my family.

And this is the Israeli oven I so lovingly and patiently use to prepare those wholesome, nutritious meals. And my family is so grateful...why, they praise me all the time for being the kind of mom I am!

This is our kitchen after our lift arrived. Can you say "nervous breakdown"?

This is my dryer. I know it looks suspiciously different than the dryers most of you are used to. I was pretty horrified when I saw it. But, it is surprisingly efficient and I actually enjoy putting the clothes on it. They dry in minutes in the hot Middle Eastern sun. And the other dryer, (the one with the motor, and plug and all) should be arriving any day now.

This is our sukkah. Well, actually, its not ours as our lift did not arrive until chol hamoed. (The lift got to go to Greece). This sukkah was generously lent to us by the Blocks. And because it wasn't ours, Isaac actually took the sukkah down the day after sukkot, and didn't wait until Chanukah like he usually does.

This is part of our backyard. The picture does it no justice. It is beautiful. We have a lemon tree, an olive tree and half a pomegranite tree. The backyard moves to a sideyard which extends to a beautiful large porch. In fact, the outdoor part of this apartment is probably the best part of this living space.

This is Isaac on our beautiful mirpeset, which is much bigger than what we are showing. No, he is not talking to his bookie.
Here's Ozzy in the side yard. This is what he told me to tell you all in his perfect dog-barking hebrew. I'll quote him exactly: "Hi everyone. First of all I want you all to know how much I miss you, especially my three Mets fans pals on Hemlock (its hard to find newspapers here with yankees or mets people here so I just poop outside). Second of all, especially for all you dogs out there, don't let anyone out there tell you that aliyah is hard. It's a piece of cake. Sure all those boxes make me nervous, but there's less of 'em every day. And there are no squirrels here, but there are an abundance of cats! And the garbage truck comes daily!!! It's so easy to make friends here--no one cares what kind of collar you wear or if your parents are from a mixed marriage (not that mine are, of course, but I'm just saying). So, in case you were worried, I'm letting you know that I'm very happy here. And though maybe its a teensy-weensy bit harder for mom and abba and the girls, I think they're doing okay too. And I may just start my own blog, and give mom some competition. Talk to you all soon. Woof!"

This basically concludes the tour of the apartment. I do hope you come see it in person someday soon. I'd love to give you a personal tour...

I'll leave you all with just one more picture of our front door:

We're home...


Anonymous said...

the apartment looks great, big kitchen for your gourmet meals. It looks like a vacation villa from the outside. How wonderful it must be to hang out on your mirpeset. and of course a belated yom huledet sameach to L may we all be zocheh to dance at your wedding (oh my god i sound like my mother in law!!!!)

Baila said...

thanks, sz! when are you coming to vacation at our so-called villa? and speaking of your m-i-l, did she tell you we saw her at the mamilla mall in J-m?

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! For some reason, sitting on a mirpeset seems like the ultimate to me. Will you make me iced coffee there? and where =did you get that awesome Mishpachat Brecher sign?

Baila said...


sitting on the mirpeset is the ultimate! Just saying the word "mirpeset" is fun! I make a mean iced coffee--just ask Tali!