Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Chanuka Events

Orli, my ten-year-old has more time than usual on her hands, what with Chanuka vacation and all. She decided she wants to contribute to my blog, so without further ado, here goes:

This is orli

Chanuka is going to be crazy so I'm writing down our events..................

night 1 my grandma and aunt came and I got a cool Israeli FOX sweatshirt and pink leg warmers-they're so cool!

night 2 we went to see the movie Enchanted (highly recommended)in Tel Aviv with my aunt, tali, liat, my mom and then went 4 pizza with my dad and grandma

night 3 we're going to a party in Bait Shemesh at Marta's, my mom's friend

night 4 4 Shabbat we're having my aunt and grandma over and since I have the hi-riser I have 2 give up my bed and sleep on top of tali's bunk bed.

night 5 we're going 2 Ra'annana 4 a party with the cousins

night 6 we're going 2 Eilat--FUN!!!!!!!

night 7 we'll still be in Eilat

night 8 still Eilat



Anonymous said...

The guest blogger rocks (orli!) Chag Sameach. Thanks for the report. How about an update after chanukah ends?
Hugs, Carol

Anonymous said...

watch out Baila you may lose your job , i mean blog. great job orli.
We also saw the movie enchanted, loved it. doesn't she look like my friend Patty?

Baila said...

she totally does, SZ!!! (not the animated one)

and well update you all after Chanuka