Sunday, July 4, 2010

A birthday, an interview and a mystery

I no longer live there, but I'd be remiss in not mentioning a very special birthday. America is 234 years old today and I pray that she will continue to stay strong. I am proud to be American--living in Israel does not negate that pride.

In other news, I was interviewed by Ilana-Davita. I love her blog and she has been on my blogroll from the beginning. She is doing a series on Israeli bloggers (now why didn't I think of that?) and I was honored to be included. You can read the interview here.

Finally a weird thing happened here at Casa Baila. We were away for Shabbat and when Isaac and I returned late Saturday night, we found that the glass table on the furniture was completely shattered. As in a gazillion pieces. Noone was home for the weekend, nothing else was disturbed, I didn't see a stone or anything near the table.

What do you think happened?

Ahh, and let me not forget--Haveil Havalim is up here. If you want to know what's happening around the Jewish blogosphere that should be your go-to place.


Robin said...

How bizarre about the table (we have the same one by the way). Maybe you got dive bombed by a suicidal pigeon?

Anonymous said...

My theory - heat exansion and contraction. It was really hot in modiin, the glass heated up, and a neighbors AC dripped on it. The combination - cracked table. I have had that happen to pyrex dishes.
Good luck,

Anonymous said...

The window on the side of our van popped-out SPLAT! onto the sidewalk, just like that - out of the blue, on Wednesday while in Beer Sheva at a temp of 40C. When my husband brought it in to be fixed the "glass man" said that every year he sees this happen to glass in the weirdest places.... I should send him your picture!


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

3 weeks ago on a Shabbat morning after shul, I was called to a neighbor's home, who showed me a bullet hole in their living room windows.

Having watched many hours of CSI: Shomron, I carefully investigated the scene, as the family was positive that someone had shot at their home (the window was facing our security fence near the edge of the yishuv). I searched the whole room and couldn't find any evidence of a bullet having entering the room -- nothing on the walls, not even glass on the foor (despite the window having spider-webbed around the hole).

I asked them, "did you move the window at all or touch the scene since you discovered it?" "NO", they answered, "we came to get you right away".

"In that case," I deduced, "this is not a bullet hole." The family was very upset with me -- they were sure it was a bullet hole, and that I was "pooh pooh-ing" a serious attempt on their home.

"How can you be so sure?" they asked. "Well, if you promise you didn't touch the window at all, then I can prove to you this isn't a bullet hole -- since the screen behind it is fully intact! Had this been a bullet shot from the outside of the home to the inside, or vice-versa, the screen would have bullet hole in it as well".

They were unimpressed...but they couldn't argue with my logic. Therefore, I told them there was no need to alert the IDF on shabbat, and this could wait till Motzei Shabbatm though personally I didn't suspect foul play at all.

CSI: Shomron strikes again :)

Now, I just have to pay a visit and examine the glass table at Casa Baila...

Gila Rose said...

We normally blame these things on Yaakov, so feel free to do so also.
Great interview, by the way!

Baila said...


No dead pigeons anywhere to be seen.

Ariela and Bashful,

I think the heat theory is the most common one.


So funny. Isaac and I were playing CSI Modi'in--looking for evidence of a rock, dead bird or cat, blood....maybe both our branches should join forces. (And we double-checked. All the kids had solid alibis).


Our first thought was Orli. But as I said, her alibi checked out. So it was probably Yaakov.

Anonymous said...

Baila, you forgot to send birthday wishes George to George, you remember George Steinbrenner, born on the 4th of July, a real yankee doodle dandy.


Kathleen said...

Maybe the pigeon dive bombed the table but managed to fly off before keeling over somewhere else? The heat theory also sounds pretty good. Does Yaakov have an alibi?