Sunday, May 10, 2009

Checking in....

**On Wednesday I went to the airport to pick up my friend CK who came to Israel for a few days for her nephew's bar-mitzvah. It was great spending some quality time with her.

Interestingly enough, I made a new friend through CK and Facebook. An old friend of CK's and I were always commenting on CK's statuses. (If you don't understand this, you are not on Facebook and that's okay. Really.) This friend of CK's, B, asked me to be her FB friend and I accepted and we've been communicating ever since. On Wednesday night, B and I met for the first time as we had dinner along with CK. Voila! A new instant, real-life friend.

And some people think Facebook is a waste of time.

**On Shabbat we went back to Revava for another cousin's bar-mitzvah. The first time we went, we were literally "off the boat" and still shell-shocked. We have seen my Israeli cousins many times since and they joked that we are not longer "something special" for being here. It was a beautiful Shabbat in many aspects. Maybe I'll elaborate on that later on in the week.

**Liat did not join us because she is under a great deal of pressure from school. While this is true, I also know that she was happy to stay home (she stayed at a friend of mine). I really do feel she missed out. Should we have made her come?

**Lag Ba'Omer coming up tomorrow night. Close the windows and bring your laundry in, the country will be going up in flames. Thankfully, all three girls have plans. Orli is joining her friend's shul medura (bonfire) and Liat is doing mangol with friends. Tali and her friends have been collecting wood for weeks. She keeps telling me that adults don't have to be there as her and her pyromaniac friends try to break the world record for bonfire size. As she says, she is now thirteen and her and her friends can handle a huge bonfire.

Yeah, right.

On the bright side, it does seem that I don't need to cook dinner tomorrow night. Happy mother's day to me.

**I've been thinking about challenging myself to put up a post a day for a month like I did last year. (Although now that I've checked, it seems I only did it for 12 days. Hmmmm.) Or, if not that, to stop blogging (including reading, writing and Facebooking) for two weeks to see how it affects my day-to-day life. I'm scared to read any articles I see that start with, "Are you an internet addict? Click here to tell." Maybe that in it of itself is a sign.

What do you think?

**And finally, it's Jack's birthday! Please go visit and wish him a happy 40th; tell him I sent you. Jack organizes Haveil Havalim, our weekly Jewish Blogosphere round-up and deserves lots and lots of presents.

Have a good week.


Jack said...

Thank you!

RivkA with a capital A said...

no right or wrong answers about making your kids come.

first rule of parenting: trust your instincts

what we do: insist the kids come to family, but not to friends. though we will make exceptions (in both directions) depending on the circumstances (and sometimes a little negotiation...)

Anonymous said...

Interesting story about how you met a new friend via FB. I'd love to meet some of my virtual friends and really hope this will happen one day.
I love fires but I think so many bonfires everywhere would scare me.
Have a great Lag Ba'Omer tomorrow.
How old is Liat?