Thursday, March 20, 2008

An e-mail to my friend CK

I am posting a copy of an e-mail I just sent to my friend C. The reason I decided to put it up on the blog, is that I felt it reflected a bit of some of the hardships of Aliyah.

They told me it wasn't going to be easy, but nobody told me this.


I come to you with this request, because among my friends you are the only one who can truly can understand it.

AOL just informed me that People Magazine has pictures of J Lo and her newborn twins. They are on the cover!

Do you know if I can read People Magazine online? I mean the real articles, not just the cover and a teaser of what's inside. Is there a code I need to get in? Do I have to pay for it?

I MUST see the pictures of J Lo (Jennifer Lopez, for those of you ignorant of these things) and her newborn twins, exclusive, and only in People Magazine, on sale at your local newsstand this Friday. I MUST!!! I don't know why, but I just have to see these pictures, and read the articles about her sleepless nights and all those diaper changes.

Please, I need a fix.

Can you get me a copy of the mag and give it to N. to bring for me when she comes in for Pesach?

Please, these pictures are EXCLUSIVE.

Thank you.

Happy Purim, but don't think this is a Purim Prank, it is totally real.



P. S. When you make Aliyah, make sure that S. understands you will only do it with a continued weekly subscription (its expensive, but still less than tuition). Otherwise, its just to darn hard.

[ed. note: I know caring this much about J Lo makes me totally shallow. I don't care. I love this stuff.]


Oh, and before I forget, Ozzy asked me to wish you all a Chag Purim Sameach:


Fern Chasida said...

Boy can I relate! One of the FIRST things I did when I had an address in California was get a People subscription. I can't help it - I love it. There used to be a place near Ra'anana that carried second hand magazines. And if your friend won't send you a copy, I'll send you the People with J-Lo. Shabbat shalom and chag sameach

Emah S said...

did you try to get it online? they probably won't let you. I remember the first time a friend sent me a link to sneak previews of the new season of 24. I was all excited, but then insulted when the network told me that I could not view this from the region where I was trying to view it. ugh. Good luck in getting your fix! Hang in there...focus on the ups! are you going to the big adloyadah today??? I can already hear them warming up down on Emek Achula

Jack said...

You do know that People is going out of business. It is just too expensive to run a magazine.

Just kidding.

Baila said...


The magazine will be in my hands soon, thanks for the offer!

Emah s,

I know, we hate when these won't let us on (we are big 24 fans too!)

And we went to the parade--it was hot, but we had fun! Next year well be able to spend more time when Purim isn't on a Friday.


you gave me a heart attack there for a second. There is no substitute for People (interesting, entertaining, fascinating....)

SuperRaizy said...

I can totally relate. I love that celebrity gossip stuff too.
People magazine has a website-

Baila said...


I tried it, but they don't let you see the articles, I think you need a code or something.

Also, I can't exactly curl up on the couch on a Friday night with my laptop, can I?

Anonymous said...

In the U.S., you no longer need a code to see all the online content. For a while, you needed to, but newspapapers and mags seemed to learn that it was better for business to make their content available for free. I will send with N, and I also have the Patrick Swyayze issue if you are interested. CK

Baila said...


Poor Patrick Swayze! I'm not sure how much N. is willing to bring, but if she is willing to bring 'em, I'll take it. You're the best!

n said...

Baila for you I would bring anything.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sorry Baila. I can't relate.

You miss "People and J-lo"...

I miss Sundays!

bec said...

if j-lo ran me over with a truck i still wouldn't recognize her. however, we need more people like you in the jblogosphere to post stuff like this, alerting folks to the hardships of aliyah! if i had known what a pain it would be to get my beloved gourmet magazines, i would have totally reconsidered and maybe moved to miami instead.

Baila said...


As I said on your blog (which I think does an admirable job on the hardships of aliya ;) )....

I feel your pain....